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  • Policy for Granting Agency

    Due to the following reasons, Vebko cannot currently grant an agency: Vebko is a small, agile, and innovative business intended to keep its excellence in customer service by adding new features to its products. Customers can refund the device (no question asked). Due to low profit margin, the profit cannot cover the costs of the agency and you might suffer financial losses.

  • Contact information
    • Dr. Farzad Razavi:+989021804580
    • Mostafa Hajati:+989124335547

  • Trial Period and After-Sales Services
  • You will not be charged if anything happens to the device (irrespective of the cause) during the trial period. You do not have to purchase the device and can return it at the end of this period.
  • This device comes with a full three-year-warranty, meaning that for a period of three years after the date of purchase, whatever problem happens to the device (regardless of the cause), the device will be repaired or replaced free of charge. The device has a ten-year-guarantee. It should be noted that the cost of transporting the device to/from Vebko Company has to be paid by your company. The cost of transporting the replacement device will be also paid by Vebko.
  • The warranty also covers the cases where the device is lost (applicable to Iran-based clients) or damaged accidentally.
  • After the warranty period, we still provide full support, but fees may apply.
  • Any software update and hardware upgrade will be always provided free of charge.
  • Twenty hours of free training will be provided for each device as long as the customer pays for the accommodation and community. The training course can take place at Vebko or your company, whichever you find more convenient. In either case, the cost of transportation and accommodation lies with your company.
  • There will be unlimited telephone support, which allows you to have your questions answered 24/7. Additionally, there are several groups on the Telegram whereby you can get your queries answered. The telephone numbers and the titles of the Telegram groups are available in Vebko's software (AMPro) and can be also seen on the body of the relay tester.
  • Updating your software is free of charge.
  • For further information on the terms of sales and warranty, please contact us.