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resx1In 1994, Dr. Hossein Askarian Abyaneh (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vebko and Professor of Amir Kabir University) decided to build a relay test device after consulting with various professors abroad.

resx2Dr. Hossein Askarian Abianeh

resx3Dr. Farzad Razavi (CEO of Vebko) was a student of Dr. Askarian Abianeh in his master's and doctoral degrees, and also collaborated with him in his undergraduate degree, and is one of the founders of Vebko.


resx6In 2013, with the support of Tehran, Zanjan and Isfahan regional electricity, they each signed a contract for one device.

resx7The hardware was under the supervision of engineer Farooghi and the software was under the responsibility of engineer Kabirnia.

resx8Several devices were sold by him to different people in the whole of Iran, and Amirkabir University, Dr. Askarian and Dr. Razavi had no role in their sale.

resx9At first, the decision of Vebko company was to make several products, but after a short time, it was concluded that if the company focuses on two products, it will have a better impact on the quality of the products.

resx5At first, Tehran Regional Electricity became the sponsor of this project.

resx10After the aforementioned version, in 2000, TREC signed a one-and-a-half-year contract with Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) and worked with the same technical team, which resulted in the production of the CPRTP with two small pieces of luggage.

resx12Now the related functions have been added to the device and until today about

resx11Two important decisions were made in 2015, which was the main start of selling the company in the same year.