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resx19AMR relay

  • resx21Features of the relay
  • resx22Protective functions
  • resx23Software features
  • resx24Relay certificates

resx37AMT105 tester

  • resx39Abilities related to testing protective relays and measuring equipment
  • resx40Ability to test all types of meters and transducers
  • resx41Ability to perform normal and capacitor voltage transformer (VT/CVT) tests
  • resx42Ability to test all types of meters and transducers
  • resx43Ability to perform current transformer (CT) tests
  • resx44Ability to test cable resistance
  • resx45RTD test capability
  • resx46Vendor lists
  • resx47Tester certificates

resx59AMT205 tester

  • resx61Abilities related to testing protective relays and measuring equipment
  • resx62Ability to test all types of meters and transducers
  • resx63Ability to perform normal and capacitor voltage transformer (VT/CVT) tests
  • resx64Ability to test all types of meters and transducers
  • resx65Ability to perform current transformer (CT) tests
  • resx66Ability to test cable resistance
  • resx67RTD test capability
  • resx68Vendor lists
  • resx69Tester certificates

resx84Abilities related to testing protective relays and measuring equipment
  • resx86Testing of all types of electromechanical, static and numerical relays
  • resx87Support for all Xrio and Rio files
  • resx88Performing transient tests
  • resx89Performing Point to Point or End to End tests
  • resx90It has a built-in GPS and Wi-Fi module
  • resx91Perform tests automatically
  • resx92Providing comprehensive reports of tests
  • resx93Automatic filling of the report form of different companies
  • resx94Compatibility with Windows operating system (XP, 7, 8, 10, 11)
  • resx95Android operating system support
  • resx96Auto Save Redo and Undo
  • resx97Farsi guide in PDF format
  • resx98Using Bootloader technology to update Firmware
  • resx99educational videos
resx112Ability to perform key and sectioner tests
  • resx114Measurement of opening and closing time
  • resx115Contact resistance measurement
  • resx116Minimum operating voltage of the power switch
resx123Ability to test all types of meters and transducers
  • resx125High accuracy for testing all types of meters and transducers
  • resx126Equipped with a pulse counter module for automatic energy reading
resx138Ability to perform normal and capacitor voltage transformer (VT/CVT) tests
  • resx140Conversion ratio and polarity test
  • resx141Wiring resistance test
  • resx142Short circuit impedance
  • resx143Saturation point measurement test
  • resx144l,null,
resx151Ability to perform current transformer (CT) tests
  • resx153Saturation point measurement test
  • resx154Burden measurement test of the path with flow method
  • resx155Hysteresis curve
  • resx156Calculation of amplitude and phase error
  • resx157Core demagnetization
  • resx158Secondary resistance measurement test with current and voltage method
  • resx159Conversion ratio test (with voltage method, with current method up to 128 amp current)
resx172RTD test capability
resx178Ability to perform power transformer tests
  • resx181Conversion ratio and grouping test
  • resx182No-load current measurement test
  • resx183Flux division test
  • resx184Core demagnetization
  • resx185Leakage reactance test
  • resx186Tap changer continuity test
  • resx187DC resistance measurement test
resx201Tester certificates
  • resx203CE certificate
  • resx204ISO 17025:2005
resx234Vendor lists
  • resx236Iranian Ministry of Oil
  • resx237National Petrochemical Company
  • resx238Khorasan Steel Complex Company
  • resx239Maron Petrochemical Company
  • resx240Khuzestan Oxin Steel Company
  • resx241Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company
  • resx242Hormozgan Steel Company
  • resx243Power Plant Requirements Supply Center (Power Research Institute)
  • resx244Khorasan Petrochemical Company
  • resx245National Iranian Copper Industries Company
  • resx246Pasargad Oil Company
  • resx247Qom combined cycle power plant
  • resx248Khoozestan Steel Company
  • resx249Pars Oil and Gas company
  • resx250Iranian Zarand Steel Company
  • resx251Isfahan Zob Ahan Joint Stock Company

resx263AMR multi-function relay

resx268Protective functions
  • resx270Undervoltage protection (ANSI 27)
  • resx271Overvoltage protection (ANSI 59)
  • resx272Non-directional overcurrent protection (ANSI 50-51)
  • resx273Non-directional grounding protection (ANSI 50N-51N)
  • resx274Directional overcurrent protection (ANSI 67-67 TOC)
  • resx275Directional Grounding Protection (ANSI 67N-67N TOC)
  • resx276Negative component overcurrent protection
  • resx277Overload protection (ANSI 49)
  • resx278Key failure protection (ANSI 50BF)
  • resx279cold load detection function (CLP)
  • resx280Inrush current detection function
  • resx281Differential protection (ANSI 87)
resx285Features of the relay
  • resx287Current and voltage inputs as needed
  • resx288Digital input and output as needed
  • resx289Large touch screen
  • resx290RS232 and RS485 ports
  • resx291Support for IEC 61850 communication protocol
resx302Relay certificates
  • resx304Power Research Institute
resx315Software features
  • resx317It has a powerful and easy-to-use software environment for setting up various functions
  • resx319Ability to record up to 200 oscillographs, trip log
  • resx320Has 4 regulatory groups
  • resx321Signal Routing software module for assigning function signals to relay inputs and outputs
  • resx322Ability to output relay settings in XRio format

resx330Trial period and after-sales service

  • resx332If something happens to the device during the trial period (regardless of the cause) you will not be charged.
  • resx333This device has a three-year full warranty , which means that for three years after the date of purchase, any problem with the device (regardless of the cause), the device will be repaired.
  • resx334The warranty also covers cases where the device is lost (applicable to customers based in Iran) or accidentally damaged.
  • resx335After the warranty period, we continue to provide full support, but fees may apply.
  • resx336Any software updates and hardware upgrades are always provided free of charge.
  • resx337Twenty hours free training is provided for each device until the customer pays the accommodation and community fee.
  • resx338There will be unlimited phone support that will allow you to answer your questions 24/7.
  • resx339Updating your software is free.
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resx359We have representatives in many parts of the world, including:
  • resx364
  • resx365Serbia
  • resx366Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • resx367Montenegro
  • resx368Slovenia
  • resx369Kosovo
  • resx370Bulgaria
  • resx371Hungary
  • resx372Slovakia
  • resx373Czech Republic
  • resx374Albania
  • resx375North Macedonia
  • resx376Greece
  • resx377France
  • resx378England
  • resx379Indonesia
  • resx380Pakistan
  • resx381South Africa
  • resx382Türkiye
  • resx383Italy
  • resx384Brazil
  • resx385Tajikistan
  • resx386Canada
  • resx387Jordan
  • resx388Tanzania
  • resx389Nigeria
  • resx390Tunisia
  • resx391Philippines
  • resx392Denmark
  • resx393Sweden
  • resx394Norway
  • resx395Germany
  • resx396Iceland
  • resx397Finland
  • resx398Netherlands
  • resx399Belgium
  • resx400Vietnam
  • resx401Thailand
  • resx402Etc ...